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04/24/2012 show recap

04/24/2012 show recap

Hello Dudebros!

what day is it? Toosday! don’t let it be a snooozeday!

Especially when you are listening to the King of Bongo Bong, for those who don’t know that is a song sung by Manu Chao, it is also the only Manu Chao song Covino really knows, but that’s one more than most of the world…

This conversation came up for Covino during his plane ride back home- yes, Covino made a plane friend. The plane friend, Doug, and Covino were speaking about various topics and Manu Chao came up- literally, he flew up by the plane…ok not one of my better jokes, let’s just go on.

Doug asked Covino if he knew Manu Chao to which Covino responded, what? I am the King of Bongo Bong, Doug then unleashed all his Manu Chao knowledge, turns out he is a big fan, Covino on the other hand knew (as said before) only one song. This brought up the idea how do you get out of a conversation you know nothing about? Do you play along, nod smile, all that jazz, or do you just say: “I don’t really know a lot about (insert topic).”

See this is one of the scenarios where it is surprisingly easier to be a girl (assuming a girl/guy convo), because if a girl talks about something a guy usually takes one word and runs with it (especially when it comes to sports, cars, the usual).

Or as one caller suggests (for those with smartphones) you can download Fake-a-call, you text a number and then a minute or so later you will get a fake phone call, says it’s grandma, she made cookies for her dear sweet grandson/daughter and she broke her him, now you have to go help her (and get cookies) then run and don’t look back. Yup I always have good plans.

Then, on this ticklesack tuesday, we got a lot of topics about the sack- no tickling involved, just burning. A friend in need sent in a story, that he had a problem with his penis and would end up having to get it circumcised, he later updated saying he did end up getting circumcised. He was nervous how it would affect him, if it would change his sex life and just the way he felt about his penis.

Now surprisingly this had many call ins, but I guess when it comes to your head, well, a lot of thought has to be put in. Many say they like their uncircumcised penis just the way it is, others talked about the health risk- I think the strongest argument (besides the cleanliness issue) is the girl that tweeted that it is easier to blow a circumcised penis, so in the interest of you getting a blowjob, maybe circumcision would be a good thing…then again maybe not, since the friend in need said that sex is still good but the sensation has decreased…

eh, end of the day it’s up to you…or your parents, I mean this is usually done when you are a baby.

Now let’s talk about women, but only briefly, because honestly, this is an argument that is had all the time, and it will go on forever because men and women are different when it comes to emotions. Rich asked the question every man asks, and it is an understandable question, why do women never want us to help out when they complain?

Basically the same thing is said all the time, and it is repeated because it’s right. Women just want you to listen, they don’t want your opinion, they just don’t. They had a shitty day, or annoyed by something, and they just want someone to vent to.

Now it is annoying, when someone is wrong, or you have solutions you want to tell it to them, I know that I want to all the time, but I learned (and I am a woman) that you have to shut up smile and nod, if I can learn it, you can to. Also just feel out the situation sometimes it is just a vent, sometimes women want an opinion, she should give clues to what she wants, and if no clues, then give your opinion and if she bites your head off then you know to sit down and listen.

Problem solved!

Lastly is a topic that really pisses me off, abstinence in schools. A new law is trying to be passed in Tennessee which would ban hugs and hand holding from schools, because- they claim, it is a gateway behavior to kids having sex…

What’s the what?

let’s start with advertisements kids see everyday:

Here is a clothing one:

Here is one to sell a car:

and, well hell, even I would do Kate Upton after this burger commercial: (sidenote I am a girl, clearly almost any straight man would do her)


Now I am not saying ban sex from media but seriously you are going to present kids with sex images everywhere, have their hormones on fire, and then tell them suppress your urges, abstinence is the only way. This also does not even begin to get into how the rate of marriage is actually decreasing, and the age at which people marry is much higher then it used to be.

Come the fuck (in every meaning of the word) on parents, tell your kids to keep it in the pants till they know it is someone they want to do it with, and at least till they are around 18 or so when their brain can understand what sex is, but don’t tell them they have to wait till marriage, because well they won’t.

Also who is preaching abstinence? politicians that can’t keep it in the pants themselves?

…ok rant over, this is clearly a hot button topic for me, I mean I can talk about it for hours, but I won’t, I will leave it here.

enjoy the day dudebros! later.



April 24th, 2012


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