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8-22-14 Recap

8-22-14 Recap

Today’s show started off with a very rocky start as Rich wasn’t feeling well and Covino’s connection from L.A. was malfunctioning, leaving him off the air for almost the entire first hour of the show! Thankfully, things got back on track but not without a brief scare that Rich was about to lose his breakfast in the garbage can right in the middle of the show. But a quick shout out to all of the listeners who called in while Covino was MIA to help Rich and Spot ramble on about absolutely nothing.

Even though he wasn’t feeling too well, Rich was still his usual self, bringing up some ideas that he wants to try out in an attempt to spice up his love life with Sara. As you all know, Rich and Sara recently co-hosted this year’s International Hooters Pageant, earning a nice paycheck to split. While some people might just deposit their wife’s half of the money into her bank account, Rich had another idea. He thought that it would be fun to role play with his wife, having her act as a high-end prostitute as he pays her in cash for her services with her Hooters’ pageant earnings. While it is definitely something Rich would think of, Spot thinks that he’s making Sara earn her money all over again. Although, he does like the idea of writing a script for the two of them since he thinks Rich is so bad at improv and role play.

It seems that a show hasn’t gone by where the guys haven’t talked about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and today the viral sensation included rapper 50 Cent and Spot’s idea on how the phenomenon relates to the inevitable zombie apocalypse. First off, 50 Cent challenged Floyd Mayweather to read a page of Harry Potter without stopping or messing up. If the boxer is successful, 50 Cent says he will donate $750,000 to any charity he wants. Now with celebrities jumping on the Ice Bucket Challenge bandwagon, Spot is convinced that if this sensation was a zombie apocalypse, all of the people who have not been nominated would be the survivors of the attack. Think this whole Ice Bucket Challenge thing has gotten out of hand? Watch this epic fail below, I dare you not to laugh.

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August 22nd, 2014


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