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Steve Covino Steve Covino

Covino hosts Covino & Rich, which talks women, lifestyle, comedy, sports and music every morning on Sirius XM RUSH.

Formerly self-dubbed “The Baddest Latin in Manhattan,” he now goes by the equally ego-driven nickname “L.A. Playa by la playa.” A defender of NJ, and a proud Yankees fan, Covino also has a passion for rock music, bringing that to life every night as the host of SiriusXM Octane.

Covino & Rich have also transitioned to TV, hosting a daily pop culture & sports show on NBC Sports NY affiliate SNY.

Prior to SiriusXM, Covino worked at WXRK-FM (KROCK) in New York City, former home of Howard Stern. Since the morning slot was filled, Covino got a full time job in the Marketing/Programming Depts.

Not completely satisfied with his gig as a “Desk Jockey” he finally got his breaks as the Producer & and co-host of “Solid State” with DJ Liquid Todd (New York’s #1 rated show on Sat. Nights) later called “Altered State” heard on 103.5 WKTU The Beat of NY. Covino then got a spot on The legendary, “K-Rock’s Hard On” with Crazy Cabbie (“New York’s Hardest Rock Show”).

He started with SiriusXM in 2001 as a host on Octane, before starting full time with the Covino & Rich Show in 2004.

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