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What Dat Mean? Covino & Rich Terminology

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Absolutely : As said in the Rocky Balboa Voice, Absolutely is either a DEFINITE Yes or No..no questions asked!

Action Packed : A classic line from Mickey in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.. Describes anything that is very energetic or amazing which means a good movie or even tremendous ass could be action packed!

Arse & Shite : English Variations of Ass & Shit

Ass Soup : When there is a gaggle of hot ass in the room, the atmosphere begins to heat up and you can almost smell the party begin to boil which simmers into tasty ass soup!!! (Have your ass soup eatin spoon ready at all times) Can you smell the ass soup in the air?

Glistening Cakes : Borrowed from bossip.com but popularized by C&R to describe Big Ass Cheeks (usually all wet & oiled up) as seen in rap videos.

Asst Ripped : Anal sex gone bad in the ghetto. Popularized by Dor-o-thee the intern in the game Buckets Of Justice; supposedly it was a friend.

Bacon Strips : Vagina that has some extra skin

BBC : Big Black Cock. The insecure white boy’s greatest fear is that his girlfriend’s DOD is the BBC.

B.I. / Blonde Illusion : A Blonde who appeared hot at first but upon closer inspection is NOT. A girl who if wasn’t a blonde would be below average. If you were really fooled you could say she was a MAGNUM B.I.

Boink : An expression used when situations are reeally reaally good; a verbal exclamation! Can also be used with a fist bump to further the excitement! I’d definitely hit that…BOINK!

Bromance/Bromantic : When Guy Love goes a little too far. When bros. are spending too much time together it might seem they are getting bromantic.

Bucket of Justice : The Bucket from which personal and obnoxious questions are pulled during interviews which disperses mass amounts of JUSTICE!

Bunk : A major let down , swoot, aka Doo Doo

Buckets of Justice : A C & R original game based on Truth Or Dare where contestants (i.e. Nussies) must pick sexually loaded questions out of a bucket (see Bucket of Justice) and either answer the questions honestly or perform some task that will give the listening audience a slow roaster (George Foreman guar-on-tee).

ButterSpace : A Busted nussie who appears to be hot on her myspace page. ex: That girl is really busted in person, butter space looks pretty smokin!! (Obsolete term, from the height of the MySpace days)

Chicken Cutlet : Making sweet love to a woman on a beach, jazzing on her, then rolling her in the sand.

Crankin’ It / Tug It : To masturbate. Generally refers to a man masturbating.

Deez Nuts : Covino’s old-school reliable fall-back joke.

Definitely Decent : Considered the ultimate insult about your dong. Was first said to Covino by a chick he hooked up with and that’s what she said about him.

Dicky Dive : Rich’s patented move where he leaps off the dresser on to the bed and begins to muff dive on his woman while putting his arms out grabbing her breasts…as he switches hands on each boob, he comes up for air..left then right…(extra points if u have goggles, flippers, a nose clip or diving cap on)…BOINK

Dicky Tug : A sexual enhancing move originated by Rich Davis: When you feel that you’re about to pre-maturely jazz, reset the huevos by pulling down the sack. This George Foreman guarantees you, at the very least, 5 minutes of added pleasure!

Dirty Fonz : You’re in a threesome with two girls and you have them both doggy style, ass up. You stick your thumbs in their bung holes and say “Ehhhhhh”

D.O.D. : Dong On Deck – Referring to the standby guy or guys every girl has when she’s in a relationship as a back-up in case things don’t work out (sometimes referred to as ‘Chad from work’)

DSLs : Dong Sucking Lips. For reference see Angelina Jolie

DUFF : Dumb Ugly Fat Friend (every hot chick has one)

Ernesto (The Ernesto) : Legend has it that while vacationing in Italy, this particular nuss & Ernesto were having sex. When Ernesto jazzed in his condom, he took it off & poured the “evidence” on her chest…she was amazed in disbelief! This historic move is now called “The Ernesto”- Try it!

FR’s : Familiar Relations

George Foreman Guar-on-tee : A declaration just short of swearing on the future health of your unborn child that your previous statement is true/correct.

Hair Don’t aka Hair Doo Doo : A very bad hair doo. “Sami J has a hair don’t!”

Hasselhoff : A major annoyance. Don’t hassel the hoff or you’ll put me in a smood!

Hoo-Hoo : The female genital region; popularized by Layla Kayleigh.

Hokey Pokey : When you’re nailin a nuss doggy steez and you’re about to jazz…she quicky turns herself around…. accepting the money shot…”thats what its all about”

Horoncho Rub : Derived from Veracruz Mexico (Horonchos) – Legend has it if you rub your pre jazz on the back of a girls neck….shes yours for life! Very Dangerous but it works. (passed down from Carlos – King of Spring Break -Acapulco 06)

International Stache Day : A holiday started by C & R in which the hosts and listeners must grow a moustache and rock it the entire day, taking careful notes on the way they are viewed and treated. Most likely will be viewed as a kiddie toucher or lawn specialist.

Interweb : Covino’s term for the internet

Javier Special : A sex move. While taking a girl from behind, you put your thumbs on, not in, her rectum and slowly massage it while saying “Have you ever felt something so special?” This move will make you the man in many social circles. (was originally a sandwich at pro bagel deli)

Jazz : Another word for Jizz. To Jazz on a girl. A derivitive would also be Jazz Cafe or to take a girl to the Jazz cafe which means to finish on her.

Jazz Band : The Group in which girls become a part of after you take them to the “Jazz Cafe”. The Hotter the girl the cooler instrument reference.. (a 10 would play lead Trumpet,..a Hog would play 3rd Tuba)

Jazz Hands : When a girl puts her hands up to cover her face from the money shot!

J.T.T. : Just The Tip ….one of our favorite games to play w/ the nussies!

Kcuf her in the Ssa : Often times they will say things backwards – “fuck her in the Ass” / a lil Tuls = a lil SLUT

Knobber : Fellatio, i.e. “Bro, that nussie wants to give me a knobber with those DSLs, I Men’s Wearhouse guar-on-tee it.” (See also Chuck Knoblauch)

Knobber that changed your life (saved your life) : One of the most memorable knobbers ever!

Mammithian Mammouth : A man among boys; an elite athelte such as Albert Pujols.

Men’s Wearhouse Guar-on-tee : A declaration of strong belief that the previous statement is true/correct. (2nd only to the George Foreman Guar-on-tee)

Mist : Where single men go to find a plethora of nussies.

Motorbutt : The act of placing your face between two fine butt cheeks, aka glistenin cakes, and going wild (a derivation of the motorboat which involves putting your face between two breasts!)

Moustache Stall : When you’re about to prematurely finish in the bedroom, think of your favorite baseball players with a stache. By the time you get to Frank Viola you’re guaranteed at least an extra 10-15 minutes!

My Steez : My Style or stylie. Nussies sweat my steez!

NARK : No Apparent Reason Knobber. When the lady gives you a knobber for no apparent reason … totally out of the blue.

NARB : No apparent reason boner (See also Sweatpant Boner)

Nuskie : Fat overweight husky nussies!

Nussie : A naughty lookin’ hussie, new hussie: a new hot chick on the show

Nussies in The Mist : A C&R case study as single men on the prowl to find out the new behaviors and mating habits of young nussies.

On a Scale from Hits to the The Bridge : (Channels 1-10 on Sirius) A Sly way of rating a nussie. See also scale from swoot to sweet *2010 UPDATE: The Bridge no longer exists. The only equivolent is Ch. 11 – BBC1*

ON The Hook / ON The Chain : A very bunk and swootastic party or event!

Peach Lips : Tight vagina with no extra skin

P.O.D. : Pusseta on deck: male equivalent of the D.O.D. (See D.O.D.)

Pompliment : To acknowledge or compliment someones pompador or out of control hair style.

Pusseta : Pussy, vagina.

Ristonkulous : Outrageously ridiculous. Usually in reference to a remarkable arse!

Sami Scream : More Famous than the Wilhelm scream and more famous than the Goofy Scream, Should only be used during climax or moments of extreme celebration! (ie. Your team just won the championship and you had money on it!!……..”Kiiiiiiiieeeeyaaaaahaaaaa”!)

Shenanigans : Used in two different ways on the show – referring to the mythical bar where guys and girls in relationships go to do shady things, and also used as the act of doing things with someone you’re hooking up with, as in “she’s up to shenanigans”

Shinfo : Shitty information, too much unnecessary information from a boring, long-winded story.

Slow Roaster : A semi, a halfy, a chub (ie. “Bro that lap dance gave me a slow roaster!”)

Smood : Swoot mood: pissed off or bummed out

Stanky Danky : When a girl sticks her finger up your arse.

Starting Line : The middle line on the back of your balls (business time starts there!)

Stonky : A white girl with the fine arse of a black woman!

Sunshine Cupcake : When a girl is giving you a knobber, you get her to put on sunglasses just when you’re about to jazz. Then jazz on the glasses – resembles a cupcake with icing. The sunshine cupcake is served at Starbucks. Click here to see a pic

Swoot : The opposite of Sweet. (Derivations: See Smood and Swooes)

Swooes : Swoot shoes, specifically those crappy rubber “Crocs”

T.C. : Too Cool. Often used as a reference to Covino’s behavior.

Tequila Worm : When you jazz in the toilet. Can also be used as a prank (ie. “Rich left a tequila worm in Covino’s Bathroom”)

Tight as Rich’s Jeans : Something that is extremely cool

Time-Out : Rich Davis’ polite way of saying, “You’re full of crap, now shut the hell up and let me get a word in edgewise.”

Yag, Gaf : Backwards terms for Gay and Fag. A way to explain if something is gay while in public so as not to insult anyone.

Water Balloon Test : When you’re done nailing a suspicious nussie, check for condom leakage by filling it up like a water balloon. If she’s really busted, throw it at her and run!

What Dat Mean? : (must be said with asian an accent): What does that mean? Back in the day, which was a Toooosday, Covino had an asian classmate named Chu who didn’t understand any slang due to the fact that he didn’t speak english very well. Anytime slang was used, the asian kid would say, “What dat mean?”. Also used by Jet Li on the show when Covino asked him if he pulls a lot of ass – “Ehhhhh, What dat mean? The term “What Dat Mean?” is the inspriation for our collection of terminology (formerly WhatDatMean.com)

Whooo Whooo : Famous words from Bubb Rubb which signal that its the 5:00 Whistle Bitches! The Whistle go Whoooo! (usually played by the very popular Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith)

Wing Nussie : Alternative bar strategy where the wingman is replaced with a nussie. Preliminary studies and experiments have yielded positive results.

WWFD : What would Fonzie do? A take on WWJD, what would Jesus do? This term is credited to C & R on the Fonzie wiki page!

Yagabagadeusche : When said loudly in the famous tone of Fred Flintstone, this a major insult of ones sexuality and personality! Not only is this guy yag but he’s also a major deusche!!

Vajayjay Walker : A sweet Vagina that looks like “good times”

Rompous : Radio Pompous. Ompous can be added to any word to describe Pompous behavior.

Shiz Bam Snappy : Something that is the shit and skraight up off the heezy.

NTR’s : A girl who gives knobby on the first night is usually a No Tap Required.

Bro Toe : When a man has camel toe. Also called Camel Nut, Ninja Boot, Rich Davis etc.

YagBro : A Gay dude who listens to the show

Yag Yug : Top Secret code for GAY GUY

Nam Sayin’ : C&R “Ebonics” for Do you know what I’m saying? Usually used at the end of every point trying to be made and sometimes pronounced Nom Thayin’?

Na Mean : C&R “Ebonics” for Do you know what I mean?

Nussbro : What forum peeps call a female listener of The Show

Nussketeer : A nussie that looks like she’s 14 (like Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus)

Dicky Stackhouse Moment : A random deep thought (Jack Handy stylee), inspired by Jason Stackhouse from True Blood

New Rule (Bill Maher Style) : A theory made after determining the correct way to handle any situation

Snooze alert : Swoot and shitty news alert that will make you snooze.

Residon’t : The opposite of residue. To have unwanted female residue on oneself.

Bang Snaps : Twisted toilet paper remnants that get stuck on the hairs of your butt that are big enough to resemble bang snaps (a tiny explosive). They can also be ripped out and thrown as such.

Nasty Pad : A manpon for today’s hard working man, whether you’re on the road, on a plane or just suffering from well, just straight up swass (sweaty swamp ass). Also known as an ass napkin kept between your butt cheeks. Popularized by Covinos moist ass.

Funk & Wagnall : (Originally an Encyclopedia) Used to describe an extreme level of disinterest. To not give a Funk and/or a Wagnall is to care as little as emotionally possible.

Asscapades : Your wild and rampant tales of triumphant ass-getting. When you were the star of the ass getting stage.

DangerAss : The type of ass that you want but stay away from because you know it will lead to danger in your life or current relationship.

HIMP : Hog In My Pants aka what intern Spyke or anyone with a strong inner confidence is allegedly packin’.

Tud : Covino’s brother “Tudmaster Tommy’s” word for fresh wet pusseta or ass. He gets mad tud yo!

Rear Burger : The view of a woman’s vagina from behind while she is bent over in front of you. As coined by Mr. Skin on the show


A Knobber a day keeps the nussies away

Eatin aint cheatin and suckin’ aint fuckin’

Eating the pusseta & Working Out – 30 minutes a day and the nussies won’t stray!

Ho’s before Bro’s because im not fucking you!

If a puppy shits on your nikes he doesn’t get a treat…same goes for a woman.. if shes misbehaving, she gets no rewards no treats no lovin’!

If you bang a girl in the butt with your socks on its double NOT cheating which means you get one free pass to Cheat w/out any guilt or repercussion. Negative plus Negative = Positive!…BOINK!

If you dominate the scene, she’ll dominate your schween!

In The Butt is Not Cheating!

Its not cheating if you have your socks on! (especially if they’re you’re business socks)

No Ring on The Finger, The Penis Can Linger

Nothing says thank you or I love you like a knobber!

Nussies/Facebook/Myspace are the devil… when you’re trying to be on the level!

Spitters are quitters!

There are 2 Types of Women in the world – The kind you kcuf and the kind you marry…dont confuse the 2!

You have to be C before you’re T.C.! (for a guy who has no business being T.C.)

If Covino AND Rich agree on something, it’s fact!

All women are Nussies until Proven innocent!

Peace of mind is better than a Mediocre piece of Ass

Name References

Amazing : Like Jonathan, Spiderman, The Race, Kreskin, Savings, Larry, Rich’s feet etc

Bail : Covino Likes to bail a party early Don Baylor or Christian Bale style

Bartolo Colon : Pronounced Bartolo Cologne – Covino’s favorite made up male fragerance (in reference to the very ugly Major League pitcher). A reference also used to gauge how smart someone is.. If they don’t get it they’re retarded.

Droppin’ a Duker : Like Bob Euker is one that’s so good, you have to tell someone the play by play!

Crazy : Like Seal, Gnarls Barkley, Cabbie, Eddie, Aerosmith, Patsy Cline

Dancin’ : Covino is never seen dancin’ like Ted (Danson) , or Rhythm (is a dancer)

Deuces : You can drop deuce McAllister, Staley, Bigalow, Quddus (from MTV)

Donnie Deusche (Donnie Deutsch) : To be a Donnie Deusche, not only are you an asshole, but you’re an older dude with a fake orange tan!

Dope A Lish : Like a Rachael Ray dish, or if its even better you can say Emeril!

Droppin’ a Duke Like Bo & Luke : A monster shit term to be used for a very Hazardous Duke!

Hardcore Like Parkour : When something is extremely difficult and/or unbelievable! (parkour resembles a martial art/sport also known as free running)

Harp : Rich Tends to harp on things like Ron Harper, Ben Harper, Travis Harper, etc.

Love It : Like Lyle or John (Lyle Lovett or John Lovitz)

Mediokes : Like Matt Nokes – is somthing very mediocre.

Scott Brosius : To be Yagadocious like Scotty Brosius means not only are you yag but you’re extremely goofy looking as well!! As we know, Scott Brosius was a true World Series mammoth who wasn’t yag at all BUT, was quite goofy looking! This is truly unfair to the ex -Yankee. However, it sucks for him that his name is the only one that rhymes w/ yagadocious!

Torn : Like Natalie Imbruglia, Creed, Rip

Yagadoche : Like Adam Laroche is something borderline yag!

Marmaduke : A giant Great Dane of a deuce

David Duke-ovny : (aka The Duke) A mystery deuce… sometimes disappears in the toilet by the time you look down!

On Point (like Nonpoint) : An idea/restaurant/TV show/movie that rocks

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